Meet Our Makers

 Ada Hodgson

 Melbourne-based Ada Hodgson creates captivating wearable work.
Her process is experimental and driven in equal parts by concept 
based design and making something especially beautiful. 

 Aimee Sutanto

 Aimee Sutanto is a Melbourne based jeweller
Her work is inspired by the process of creation itself
and the perceived visual result thereof.  

Amanda Croatto

Amanda first explored and developed an interest in surface design through Textiles.  
She became entranced with the potential for applying her visual art and
design skills on small objects, 
using patinas on metal, sublimation printing on aluminium,
coloured pencil on copper, anodised titanium, and found materials. 

Anastasia Mannix

Anastasia specializes in making sentimental jewellery that lasts a lifetime,
using dreamy opals and pastel stones which invoke nostalgia.



Romahn’s work revolves around his childhood obsessions - shiny things and weird looking rocks.
Attempting to emulate the seemingly random textures of the world around us and condense them
into a wearable oddity, Romahn focuses on precious metals and coloured stones.
His practice investigates the concept of chaos within order and fluidity
within form by creating natural textures on classic silhouettes.


Claire Taylor

Claire is inspired by Nature, travel and collecting. 
The techniques used in her work capture the impression of fragile materials in metal,
creating a range of different textures and patterns in her designs. 


Daisy Cooper 

 Allowing each piece to bear the marks of making, Daisy’s process brings the
natural elements of her rural Scottish childhood into her work.
Now based in Melbourne, each piece is pinched from a ball of clay and
crafted into timeless, functional ceramics that are designed to be used every day and
bring joy to anyone who uses them.

Danielle Lo

Danielle's practice draws ideas from the theories of Zen - the notion of creating a sense of balance and strength.
The works she creates are intimate, physical, conceptual ideas achieved
through the use of shape, form, line and texture.  

Definitive Designs

Husband and wife team Geoff and Kerry bring their amazing skills to a collection of works
focusing on rare stones captured in unique designs. 
From alloying their own precious metal to fabricating each piece by hand,
they bring a rare perspective to their work. 

Eli Speaks

Kate combines Mayan and Art Deco architectural influences to extract imagery
of silent,  heavy moments and internal thinking processes. 
The result is a body of striking and opulent work.


 Elli Eriksson

Elli Eriksson brings fun, colourful wearables to her geometric forms. 
Exploring shape in relation to the body and engaging with sustainable production processes,
this affordable collection is made to last.

Ellinor Mazza

Ellinor Mazza is a Melbourne based jeweller and designer. 
Obsessed with geometric shapes and how they appear and repeat in our everyday lives,
she seeks to build these forms into comfortable, wearable designer pieces.


Ida Maglai

Ida Maglai considers jewellery as visual poetry that is the reflection of the maker and the wearer. 
Her pieces are inspired by the surrounding world, other art forms and artworks and a love and concern for nature. 
Ida’s practice is also influenced by her experiences and Hungarian heritage.

 Jacqueline Betsy Lord

Jacqueline's work incorporates found vintage glass pieces and other objects. 
She embraces the beauty in any perceived imperfections of elements that have lived a whole other life
before arriving in her idyllic Otway Forest based studio.


 Katie Shanahan

Katie combines traditional gold and silversmithing techniques to make precious hand crafted pieces
that are meant to be worn and cherished everyday, ultimately becoming a part of the wearer's story. 

Lucie HB

Fascinated by the intrinsically personal and precious nature of jewellery,
she is inspired by storytelling and the way jewellery becomes a symbol of personal history. 
Lucie uses age old techniques to create pieces that are inherently imbued with meaning.

Rachael Grigulis

Rachael Grigulis believes that her jewellery should not just be for
the sake of beauty or preciousness, but also be tactile and fun. 
The striking and clever forms of her pieces ensure her work stands apart from the crowd. 

Sarah Murphy

Sarah is interested in the concept of transforming traditionally industrial materials to everyday wearables. 
Her exploration of material and technique is the driving force behind her work. 
This current body of work uses stainless steel vitreous enamels, both of which have been used for many decades
both in the industrial environment and domestically.
Sarah uses soft pastel colours with contemporary lines to decorate each piece individually.

SGS Jewellery

Stephanie Grace Symington (SGS) is a jeweller and artist based in Melbourne.
Steph's collection models her love of interweaving the organic process of jewellery making with more classical styles of craft.
Steph's main source of inspiration for her pieces are her natural environment, nostalgia, fairytales and romance.
Many of her unique pieces pop with dashes of colour from ethically sourced gemstones.


Sophie Quinn

Sophie creates one off pieces that are visually unique and designed to incite curiosity.
The textures and lines in her work represent the interconnectedness of all things,
including the special bond that  exists between maker, object and beholder.

Tara Lofhelm

Tara’s shapes form as a reaction to the making process;
every strike of the hammer ensures a unique outcome that illustrates the hand of the maker.
Reflecting on ancient civilisations, Tara’s jewellery aims to modernise time-honoured techniques and
in doing so, create a cultural artefact that preserves today's definitive moment in time.



Arbor acknowledges the Wurundjeri people as the traditional custodians of the land we live and work on.

We pay respect to elders past, present and emerging and thank them for their continuing care of this land.



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