Mother's Day with Kate Higgins

Mother's Day with Kate Higgins

3rd May 2022

How did you find navigating working through a lockdown and parenting a newborn?

Working through the lockdowns with a young baby was certainly challenging and required a lot of adaption. For myself, and many new Mums I spoke to, there was a sense of loss of that “new parent and baby” experience. The delayed introductions and lack of support were hard. But the big positive to lots of time at home was the extra bonding we had as a new family. 

Was your creative process impacted by parenthood? Do you find yourself more/less inspired?

No my creative process wasn’t affected that much, but I did need to get more efficient in all facets of the business, including designing and making. The studio time was a lovely break from new parenthood, doing something I knew well and loved helped balance out the feelings of being new and a bit lost in my new role as a Mother.

A lot of artists found lockdown to be a catalyst for success and high productivity and others found it more draining? What was your experience like?

It was a little bit of both for me. My consultation process with customers during lockdown was mostly moved to phone or email, and even some home collections and hand delivered orders! Video was also really useful. All these things created some extra work, but my clients were so patient and understanding that it was all worthwhile. I must say though, I’m loving being back to face to face consultations where I can really connect with clients.


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