• Susan's Signature

    12th Jun 2021

    Susan's Signature

    When Susan Ewington graces us with one of her signature freeform sapphire rings, they often never even make it to the shelf, as was the case with the most recent offering. Disappointed at missing out…

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  • Precious Memories

    29th May 2021

    Precious Memories

    One of the many reasons we love jewellery is it’s permanence. The inherent nature of the precious metals and stones used mean that pieces can physically last for generations and even centuries.…

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  • Geralyn's Ring

    24th Apr 2021

    Geralyn's Ring

    During last year's lockdown, Barry asked us to source a special stone for his deserving wife Geralyn. He gifted her the incredible Australian green sapphire loose. Geralyn then worked with the…

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  • Custom Beauties

    4th Mar 2021

    Custom Beauties

    After working at the Argyle diamond mine, Jason wanted to share a piece of the unique experience with his partner. This Emerald cut square stone is set in a platinum bezel highlighting the natu…

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  • 11th Oct 2020

    Australian Gemstones

    Australia produces a wealth of beautiful gemstones. The gem fields of Queensland and NSW are home to many small, low impact, shallow mines that produce some of the worlds finest sapphires. From the c…

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  • 26th Sep 2020

    Australian Gold

    Arbor is committed to moving towards a more sustainable way of life and part of this journey includes the option of using Australian gold for your custom made piece. We can source nuggets of gold fro…

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  • 13th Sep 2020

    Septembers Sapphire

      The regal Sapphire is a favourite amongst royalty and September's birthstone.  Found and treasured the world over in a myriad of natural colours from the classic dark blue to pink, orange, yellow a…

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  • 4th Jul 2020

    Handmade Chain

    Making chain by hand is a meditative thing.  Careful measuring of materials.  Deliberate winding of wire to create links which are meticulously cut and shaped one by one and gingerly soldered so as no…

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  • 20th Jun 2020


    When thinking of precious gemstones the classics usually spring to mind first, diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald…..  The spinel is not as widely thought of, but it should be.    Masquerading as rubies…

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  • 2nd May 2020


      We’ve seen a lot of interest in freeform cut stones lately, and with good reason.   This beautiful and increasingly popular style of gemstone sees the least amount of wastage in the cutting process…

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  • 6th Mar 2020

    Bespoke love

    Shan came to Arbor with an intent.  She wanted to propose with a ring that was perfectly suited to her love; timeless and ecstatic. Ellinor Mazza worked with Shan to sort out and bring together her id…

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  • 29th Nov 2019

    Have you seen our diamonds?

    A selection of timeless rings have recently made their way into our store.   Traditional pieces with an air of modern sophistication these four rings have a quiet luxuriousness, and sit, gently, in a…

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