• Aurora

    16th Jun 2022


    When you're inspired by an existing piece, why not push the boundaries to create your own stellar piece?Our customer visited Arbor looking to replace a lost wedding ring.  After seeing Ellinor Ma…

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  • Sun, Moon and Stars

    3rd Jun 2022

    Sun, Moon and Stars

    Our lovely customer came to us with the intention of creating an heirloom ring representative of her three daughters. She already had two stones, a Sapphire and an Emerald, which represented her Moon…

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  • Mother's Day with Lucie HB

    6th May 2022

    Mother's Day with Lucie HB

    How did you find working on your art through a lockdown and parenting? Being away from the workshop is obviously a big physical hurdle to producing work and so experimenting in other mediums and…

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  • Mother's Day with Kate Higgins

    3rd May 2022

    Mother's Day with Kate Higgins

    How did you find navigating working through a lockdown and parenting a newborn?Working through the lockdowns with a young baby was certainly challenging and required a lot of adaption. For myself, and…

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  • Mother's Day with Claire Taylor

    29th Apr 2022

    Mother's Day with Claire Taylor

    How did you find working through lockdown along with parenting?Working through the first lockdown in 2020 meant I already had a really good set up at home. I’d also become a mother for the first time,…

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  • Emerald Signet Ring

    25th Apr 2022

    Emerald Signet Ring

    Breathing new life into very well loved old jewels is a particularly satisfying job to do and one we're privileged to do often at Arbor.This precious emerald ring had lived a long life before arriving…

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  • His and Her's

    25th Mar 2022

    His and Her's

    Sometimes a ring doesn't need a special occasion. If there is a ring you want to adjust or a stone you want a creation made around there's no need to wait.A lovely young couple came into Arbor with a…

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  • Something old, Something new

    25th Feb 2022

    Something old, Something new

    It's a pretty special thing to be able to pass down jewellery through a family and even more so when it's for a big day. In the lead up to her son's big day, the mother of the groom brought…

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  • Remade Jewellery

    25th Jan 2022

    Remade Jewellery

    Deciding to melt down and remake a gift is a hard choice, yet it can be so rewarding. Giving something you struggle to wear a second life is far better than leaving it in the unworn pil…

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  • Keeva and Paige

    25th Dec 2021

    Keeva and Paige

    Being in the business of jewellery gives us the incredible privilege of witnessing love stories playing out in real time. Recently we observed one of the most amazing displays of how in tune a couple…

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  • Helen

    25th Nov 2021


    We love handmade jewellery. The tools, the skills required and the traditional techniques, some of which were used in ancient times have a certain magical quality to them. As time marches on, new to…

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  • Tina

    25th Oct 2021


    Most people have something precious tucked away. A watch chain from grandpa, your great aunts engagement ring or a gift from an old flame. Treasures that no longer get the love and wear they deserve…

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Arbor acknowledges the Wurundjeri people as the traditional custodians of the land we live and work on.

We pay respect to elders past, present and emerging and thank them for their continuing care of this land.



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