• Ruby Remake

    3rd Feb 2019

    Ruby Remake

    A beautiful customer recently came in with some old family jewellery and an idea.  She had seen Ellinor Mazza’s glorious lilypad halo and wondered if perhaps she could have her own. Elli carefull…

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  • Custom queen

    18th Nov 2018

    Custom queen

    While bespoke engagement and commitment rings are a specialty here at Arbor, custom jewellery doesn’t finish there.  Remaking rings that no longer suit, grandma’s precious pearls need a makeover…

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  • Gorgeous Garnets

    22nd Oct 2018

    Gorgeous Garnets

    The garnet takes its name from the deep red seeds of the Pomegranate, a fruit which bears a similar weight in history as this beautiful gemstone.  Stories of garnet can be found in Roman, Greek a…

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  • Spectacular Spinels

    8th Oct 2018

    Spectacular Spinels

    The spinel, in my opinion, is a vastly underrated stone.  This precious stone exists in a range of beautiful colours and often displays gorgeous undertones and an interesting lustre.  It is…

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  • Glorious Gold

    29th Sep 2018

    Glorious Gold

    We at Arbor are excited to announce that our very own Ellinor Mazza is now a certified fair trade goldsmith! Becoming one of the first Jewellers in Australia to offer truly traceable gold.Achieving Fa…

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  • Opal love

    16th Sep 2018

    Opal love

    While precious opal can be found elsewhere in the world, Australia produces the large majority of this spectacular mineraloid. Not just confined to your grandmothers jewellery box, opal is e…

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  • A party in a Sapphire

    1st Sep 2018

    A party in a Sapphire

    (Swirl ring in 18 carat yellow and rose gold with South Australian Parti Sapphire by Ellinor Mazza)Welcome springtime and what a beautiful sunny morning full of promise you have brought with you! &nbs…

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  • Beach memories by Susan Ewington

    25th Aug 2018

    Beach memories by Susan Ewington

    We’ve had some beautiful sunny mornings in Melbourne lately and the anticipation of summer rises as the icy night before is forgotten. While it’s not quite beach weather yet these sunny mornings have…

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  • Your Dream Ring

    25th Jun 2018

    Your Dream Ring

    At Arbor, we specialise in bespoke engagement, wedding and commitment rings. We can source ethical diamonds, gemstones and metals, or maybe you want to use your grandmothers old jewels to cr…

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